Plasma Control in Tokamaks Part 3.1. Plasma Magnetic Control Systems in ITER

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Yuri Vladimirovich Mitrishkin
Nikolay Mikhailovich Kartsev
Artem Evgenyevich Konkov
Mikhail Ivanovich Patrov


The plasma magnetic control systems for ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) are presented. The systems comprise original engineering solutions for plasma position, current and shape control for the two versions of ITER: ITER-1 and ITER-2, including those designed in V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the RAS. It is noted that in ITER-1 the plasma position and shape were controlled by all PF-coils and robust H∞-controllers, while to decrease peaks of control power for suppressing minor disruptions the additional nonlinear circuit was used without significant changes in displacements of the gaps between the plasma separatrix and the first wall. In ITER-2 the special circuit with a fast voltage rectifier was used for plasma vertical speed stabilization about zero, while for plasma current and shape control the special cascade control systems were designed with and without the control channels decoupling, with robust H∞-controllers and predictive model, and with adaptive stabilization of the plasma vertical position as well. To increase the plasma controllability region in the vertical direction the additional horizontal field coils were introduced into the ITER-2 vacuum vessel and the capabilities of the system with the new circuits to control the plasma vertical position at the noise presence were investigated.


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Mitrishkin, Y., Kartsev, N., Konkov, A., & Patrov, M. (2020). Plasma Control in Tokamaks. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 20(2), 82-97.