Plasma Control in Tokamaks. Part 2. Magnetic plasma control systems

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Yuri Vladimirovich Mitrishkin
Nikolay Mikhaylovich Kartsev
Evgeniya Alexandrovna Pavlova
Artem Andreeevich Prokhorov
Pavel Sergeevich Korenev
Mikhail Ivanovich Patrov


Various systems of magnetic control of plasma position, current, and shape are considered in vertically elongated tokamaks including spherical tokamaks being in operation. The systems of Resistive Wall Modes suppression are described. Tokamaks constructions and cross-sections, structural schemes of plasma control systems are given; heed is paid to operating principles of plasma control systems; experimental results of plasma control in tokamaks are given. Various engineering realizations of magnetic plasma control systems in tokamaks are presented.


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Mitrishkin, Y., Kartsev, N., Pavlova, E., Prokhorov, A., Korenev, P., & Patrov, M. (2018). Plasma Control in Tokamaks. Part 2. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 18(3), 39-78.
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