Advances in Systems Science and Applications (ASSA) is an international peer-reviewed open-source online academic journal focused at all major aspects of processes and systems analysis, modeling, simulation, and control, ranging from theoretical and methodological developments to a large variety of application areas. Survey articles and innovative results are also welcome.

The journal is aimed at the audience of scientists, engineers and researchers working in the framework of these problems. The journal should be a platform on which researchers will be able to communicate and discuss both their specialized issues and interdisciplinary problems to these areas.

Topics include (but not limited to):

Advances in Systems Theory

Systems Design;
Linear and Nonlinear Systems;
Optimal and Robust Control;
Adaptive Systems;
Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems;
Stochastic Systems;
Networked Systems

Modeling and Simulation

Identification and Information Processing;
Simulation systems

Intelligent systems

Human-Machine Systems;
Knowledge Bases;
Learning Systems;
Computational Intelligence;
Multi-agent Systems;
Neural Networks,
Evolutionary Algorithms

Data Science

Data Mining;
Pattern Recognition methods;
Decision-making systems and decision-support systems

Network Systems

Cyber-physical Systems and Management of Network Systems;
Communication Networks

Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing Plant Control;
Production Management and Logistic;
Manufacturing Modeling for Management and Control;
Enterprise Integration and Networking;
Large-Scale Complex Systems 

Industrial Systems

Modeling and Control of Chemical Processes;
Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing;
Fault Detection, Supervision & Safety of Technical Processes

Power and Energy Systems

Smart Grid;
Energy Conversion Systems;
Energy Efficiency and Performance Optimization;
Energy Development and Planning;
Conventional Power Plants;
Nuclear Power Plants and Renewable Energy

Transportation  Systems

Automotive Control;
Transportation Systems;
Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles;
Transport Logistic Systems

Bio & Ecological Systems

Control in Agriculture;
Biological and Medical Systems;
Modeling and Control of Environmental Systems;
Bio-systems and Bioprocesses

Social Systems

Economic, Business and Financial Systems;
Social Impact of Automation; 
Control for Smart Cities

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All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the experts in the field to assure the significance and novelty of contribution, correct literature review and citations. The anonymous reviewers assure the absence of conflict of interest. Detailed information for authors and reviewers is available at the official journal’s website.

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ASSA is published since 2000 by the International Institute for General Systems Studies (IIGSS), a non-profit research organization established in 1994 and located in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.). IIGSS conducts research and education projects in systems analysis, general systems theory, operation research, cybernetics, and control theory with diverse applications in science, engineering, economics, and management.