A Novel Grey-fuzzy Predictive Control Algorithm Based on Physical Mode for Roller Kiln

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Liang Tang
Mingzhong Yang


This paper proposes a novel grey-fuzzy predictive control (GFPC) strategy using an on-line dynamic switching mechanism for controlling the sintering process of ceramic roller kiln. The grey predictor is applied to extract key information such as temperature parameters and gas pressure, and send the prediction information to the controller of actuator. The mathematical model which based on physical and heat conduction theory is derived and the real-time fuzzy controller is designed to make the output temperature in the sintering area follow the temperature-curve accurately. To achieve excellent transient performance and steady-sta te response, an on-line switching mechanism is adopted to regulate the forecasting step size of the grey predictor appropriately according to the error between reference value and real temperature of the kiln. Additionally, this kind of method can control the temperature of kiln without accurate mathematical models for the kiln effectively. To verify the GFPC strategy, the control module based on Matlab is presented. When the sintering operating condition is stable,it is a kind of effective control strategy for temperature of roller kiln.


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Tang, L., & Yang, M. (2012). A Novel Grey-fuzzy Predictive Control Algorithm Based on Physical Mode for Roller Kiln. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 12(2), 186-193. Retrieved from https://ijassa.ipu.ru/index.php/ijassa/article/view/461