Mechanisms of Organizational Behavior Control: A Survey

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Vladimir N. Burkov
Mikhail V. Goubko
Nikolay A. Korgin
Dmitry A. Novikov


Basics are surveyed of a version of mechanism design theory tailored to solve management problems. The concept of a mechanism of organizational behavior control is introduced. Methodological grounds of the theory are discussed along with mechanisms classication. Mechanism implementation process is characterized. Also, basic mechanisms are sketched, which help solving important management problems on all stages of management cycle. An example of the mechanism of incentive-compatible planning is considered.


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Burkov, V., Goubko, M., Korgin, N., & Novikov, D. (2013). Mechanisms of Organizational Behavior Control: A Survey. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 13(1), 1-20. Retrieved from

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