Modied Yoyo Model and Its Applications in Chinese History

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Zelong Wang
Yi Lin
Jubo Zhu


This paper focuses on the modified yoyo model, a hot issue of the system research called the second dimension of science, and it supplies a new theory and methodology to address and solve the practical problems, which have been extremely difficult in modern science. Moreover, the new explanations of the Chinese history about the periods of Spring and Autumn and the Warring States are introduced by the modified yoyo model. Design/methodology/approach-The systemic yoyo model is a new tool to describe the general systems, and it is effective to explain the existing phenomenon. The modified yoyo model, based on the systemic yoyo model, is constructed by the forms of the definitions and laws, which are demonstrated and explained by lots of the existing system theories and practical examples. The application of this model in Chinese history is a new look at the historical events, compared with the traditional study of the Chinese history. Findings-The modified yoyo model is proposed based on the systemic yoyo model and it emphasizes on explaining some theoretic problems of the system model, such as the general system structure model, system’s characteristics, systems’ interaction and so on. Firstly, the yoyo model can not sufficiently depict the attributes of the general system, such as the behavior, the function, the size of the system and so on. All of these are the indispensability of a system and the system is half-baked without them. Secondly, the basic characters of the yoyo model are not given enough to describe the system roundly. These matters include the complexity, diversity, stability of the system and how the system comes into being or perdition. Thirdly, there have been many examples that refer to the interaction between yoyos, but the interaction process is not detailedly discussed and the final result can be ascertained by some laws. The modified yoyo model is applied in the Chinese history about the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. The military system of each country in the ancient time is modeled by the modified yoyo model and their interactions are analyzed by the characters of the modified yoyo, which lead to the same results with the history. Practical applications-The modified yoyo model is firstly applied in the Chinese history, and the battle effectiveness of the military system is modeled as a yoyo. The wars between the countries are described as the interaction of the modified yoyos, and the reasonable results of the wars are also explained. In fact, since the general systems are modeled by the modified yoyo model, this model can be applied in many practical systems, such as three-body movement system, economic system and so on. Originality/value-In theory, the modified yoyo model embodies and develops the systemic yoyo model, and it introduces some new concepts and characters of the yoyo as well as their interaction, which can be effectively used for the general system analysis. When referring to the application, the modified yoyo model can explain or predict lots of phenomenon, which may be the puzzles in modern science.


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