Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique For PV System By Using Golden Section Search Method

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Sonvir Singh


Importance of Non-Conventional Source of Energy (NCSE) is upsurging day by day to tackle the increased load, energy consumption, and environmental pollution related problems. Out of Non-Conventional Source of Energy (NCSE), Solar Energy, mainly Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) energy, is one of the most promising RES because of pollution-free, no rotating part, an abundance of solar energy, low-cost energy, and high efficiency. The main thing is how to extract maximum power from theĀ  Solar PV panel. Power extract from the PV system depends upon the solar radiation (isolation), ambient temperature and terminal voltage. Regulation of terminal voltage is required to extract the maximum power at the operating point. The technique of extracting maximum power by changing its terminal voltage by the various method is called as MPPT.This paper takes up the problem of finding the MPPT power point under changing environmental conditions, developing efficient MMPT and changing the operating point of the system very fast according to the environmental condition. In this paper, a new MPPT technique is developed for tracking maximum power point which is efficient to existing techniques with the help of Golden Section Search Optimization Method. This paper is intended to serve efficient method and reliable to find maximum power point at which maximum power is extracted from PV system.


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Singh, S. (2018). Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique For PV System By Using Golden Section Search Method. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 18(3), 111-122.