Multiagent Model of People Evacuation from Premises while Emergency

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Alexander Fedorovich Rezchikov
Vladimir Ivaschenko
Andrey Samartsev
Vadim Kushnikov
Leonid Filimonyuk
Aleksey Bogomolov


The multi-agent model of emergency evacuation process in case of limited space conditions is offered. A distinctive feature of the proposed model is the systematic consideration of physical interactions between agents and their reasonable behavior in conditions of evacuation from premises of a complex configuration. The model allows to investigate the state and behavior of people in emergency and determine the time of their evacuation. The proposed model can be used as a basis for determining ways and developing plans for evacuation from premises in emergency situations.


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Rezchikov, A., Ivaschenko, V., Samartsev, A., Kushnikov, V., Filimonyuk, L., & Bogomolov, A. (2019). Multiagent Model of People Evacuation from Premises while Emergency. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 19(1), 98-115.