Optical MEMS Sensor for measurement of Low Stress using Ptolemy II

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I. Mala Serene
Rajasekhara Babu M
Zachariah.C. Alex


Modeling and simulation plays vital role in the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) field. Optical MEMS comprise of three domains namely optical, electrical and mechanical. The existing MEMS software for modeling is very expensive. This cost of modeling software increases the design and development of optical MEMS sensors. This paper proposes the design and development of a novel optical read out mechanism. This mechanism is used to measure the Maximum stress applied on the cantilever and its corresponding deflection of the cantilever. The experiments have been carried out using Ptolemy II software for design and Simulation of MEMS optical sensors. Laser Actor, a Photo detector and Force Actor have been created using Ptolemy II. COMSOL software has been used to model cantilever. A comparative study has been done for cantilever with three modes of Eigen frequencies using COMSOL. The experimental result shows that the Parylene optical MEMS force sensor can sense less range of stress 0.0003 N/m to 0.272 N/m when compared to the Polyimide optical MEMS sensor.


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Serene, I. M., M, R. B., & Alex, Z. (2016). Optical MEMS Sensor for measurement of Low Stress using Ptolemy II. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 16(3), 76-93. Retrieved from https://ijassa.ipu.ru/index.php/ijassa/article/view/479