Survey on Secured Password Authentication for IOT

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Vanitha M


Password is easy and mostly used method to provide security and authentication. Now in IOT environment many devices like RFID, smartcard, and wireless sensor devices use passwords for security. But passwords are susceptible to many attacks like loss of password, eavesdropping, forgetting passwords, etc., By saving passwords in a single server it is more prone to loss of password if the server is compromised. In order to avoid this it is better to divide and save passwords in multiple server and this helps us to overcome loss of password on servers. Here I have used light weight cryptographic algorithm to secure these passwords in the network because this type of algorithm occupies less space and the execution speed will be high. Some of the recent light weight cryptographic algorithms are Humming bird, PRESENT, TEA, XXTEA and Humming Bird which was surveyed by Eisenbarth et al.,[13]. These are specially designed for smart cards, RFID etc. I have implemented an algorithm that divides and saves password on two servers and use PRESENT algorithm on one server and use Humming Bird algorithm on another server for providing the efficient password security. So our model will be more secured than any other existing works.


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