VLSI Implementation of Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm

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Hinpreet kaur
Sakthivel R


Lightweight algorithms for cryptography are popular for resource stringent devices. Now days, radio frequency identification techniques are gaining popularity because of their small size and low cost applications. In this paper, Hummingbird algorithm is used to provide security in such devices like RFID tags, smart cards, etc. It is a Hybrid algorithm which provides security against most of the common attacks encountered such as linear attacks and differential attack. The hybrid combination of block and stream cipher makes this algorithm more secure using lesser number of clock cycles. The algorithm is implemented on both FPGA and ASIC platform. The main aim is to reduce the number devices utilized and using lesser area on the chip. The algorithm is implemented in Xilinx Vertex-5 family. This design consumes the total standard cell area of 0.255 mm2. The design is placed and route using Cadence SoC Encounter at TSMC90nm technology.


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