An Exact Reverse Design Approach for Disk Cam Mechanisms

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Ge Zhenghao
Zhang Kaikai
Jiang Meng
Yang Fulian


In the view of the difficult problem of receiving the original design of the cam and its follower motion specification, an exact new reverse design method for disk cams is provided. The essential difference between the proposed method and other existing approaches is its ability to make the cam profile smooth while still exactly satisfying boundary condition of follower displacement, velocity and acceleration. It takes computer movement simulation technology as the main instrument. Firstly, in order to reverse the follower motion specifications accurately, an new method is proposed in the paper, first of all,  smooth disposal is processed to the cam profile which is formed by the equalized measurement data, and then the cam profile is processed into a series of discrete data. Secondly, this paper does research on motion specification of disk cam follower through establishing mathematical modeling and analysis treatment, finally it works out the expression of follower motion specifications. In addition, the way of distinguish the real motion specification of cam mechanism is put forward. Thirdly, the simulation modeling is established and the follower motion specifications which is the accurate gauge of the reversed disk cam is also achieved. An example shows that the proposed method can be a powerful tool of cam profile smoothing, which verifies the method can realize exact reverse design for disk cam mechanisms rapidly. The approach is not only suitable for own program but also for CAD/CAE software, and it can be used for the spatial cam reverse design as well.


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Zhenghao, G., Kaikai, Z., Meng, J., & Fulian, Y. (2011). An Exact Reverse Design Approach for Disk Cam Mechanisms. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 11(3-4), 301-308. Retrieved from