Control Model of the Floodplain Territories Structure

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Alexander A. Voronin
Alexander V. Khoperskov
Inessa I. Isaeva
Anna Yu. Klikunova


We have developed a model of an integrated hydrological, environmental and socio-economic structure of the floodplain area, which is the subject of strategic control based on the observational data, the results of hydrodynamic and geoinformation modeling. The state assessment of each structural element is determined by the degree of correspondence between the hydrological type and the socio-economic type of the floodplain area.  The goal of control is to implement a territorial structure that maximizes the value of the aggregated criterion for a stable state of the system. The control mechanism is a complex of hydraulic engineering projects (multiproject) in various channels in the floodplain area.  The simulations results of the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of the environmental and socio-economic system of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain northern part are presented.


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Voronin, A., Khoperskov, A., Isaeva, I., & Klikunova, A. (2020). Control Model of the Floodplain Territories Structure. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 20(3), 153-165.