Control, Activity, Personality

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Dmitry Novikov


The paper presents the view of a control theoretician on the theories of personality and activity, in search of their results necessary for the formulation and solution of control problems for systems with active elements (man). The constructions proposed below can be treated as an “interface” that establishes a correspondence between the approaches and results of personality psychology, control methodology, and control science.

The paper is intended for control theoreticians, who may read it for getting initial ideas about the theories of personality and activity as well as about their connection with control of social and organizational-technical systems. In turn, psychologists may observe not only the prospects of using their results in the above-mentioned branches of control theory, but also a number of new challenges.


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Novikov, D. (2020). Control, Activity, Personality. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 20(3), 113-135.