Concept of a Universal Smart Machine with Protection against Spark Discharge

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Andrey I. Vlasov
Sergei S. Filin
Alexey I. Krivoshein


The concept of a universal device that can provide diagnostics and monitoring of individual and collective power supply systems, the construction of life support systems, the state of household appliances, the Internet of Things devices and housing and communal services devices is considered. This paper proposes new design solutions able to improve the existing technologies for assessment of the quality of the energy flow by two orders of magnitude in terms of overall characteristics relative to the existing analogues. The developed Smart microcontroller is designed to operate as an intelligent unit, to analyze the parameters of the AC voltage network and control the electromechanical elements of the Smart Circuit Breaker, as well as to send data through a standard interface. The implementation of protection against spark discharge is proposed. The proposed solution is based on the application of cloud and boundary computing technology. The possibilities for improvement of the efficiency of design technologies and construction of energy-efficient buildings, provision of the industry and households with a new type of information management services (monitoring energy infrastructure, etc.) are presented.


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Vlasov, A., Filin, S., & Krivoshein, A. (2020). Concept of a Universal Smart Machine with Protection against Spark Discharge. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 20(1), 1-12.