Building a Digital Twin of Agricultural Production Based on Mathematical Modeling of Sustainability and Development Processes

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Rifkat Sirazetdinov
Rustem Sabitov
Gulnara Smirnova
Shamil Sabitov
Alexander Eponeshnikov


An approach to building a model of a digital twin of agricultural production is proposed. The modeling is based on the principle of sustainable economic development, harmoniously combining two interrelated processes: sustainability and development. Development requires expanding external relations, markets, and developing specialization. However, in cases of crisis, interruption in the supply of raw materials, closure of sales markets and other unfavorable circumstances, there should always remain a part of the economy, closed on itself, using its own resources and working for its consumers.

The paper considers a structural and mathematical model of sustainable development of the agricultural production process, based on the so-called model of a typical production unit. It is a system of algebraic equalities and inequalities that estimate the power of individual components of the process and are based on balance ratios.

Within the framework of the proposed model, it is possible to consider the sustainable development of the economy of individual agricultural regions, exploring both components of the region's economy and achieving their harmonious interaction. This model also allows us to consider the sustainable development of individual settlements, rural settlements based on local farms and private households, as well as individual agricultural production. In each case, it is necessary to ensure a harmonious combination of stability, self-sufficiency, at least food independence of farms and the possibility of their development.

The proposed models, tuned to a specific online-managed production, can form the basis for the digitalization of agricultural production and serve as a tool to ensure its efficiency and continuous sustainable development


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Sirazetdinov, R., Sabitov, R., Smirnova, G., Sabitov, S., & Eponeshnikov, A. (2022). Building a Digital Twin of Agricultural Production Based on Mathematical Modeling of Sustainability and Development Processes. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 22(4), 116-125.