Evaluation of Microalgae Prebiotic Activity in Long-term Humans Isolation in Confined Habitat

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Vyacheslav Ilyin
Denis Korshunov
Yulia Morozova
Nonna Usanova
Daria Komissarova
Alexandra Korosteleva
Margarita Levinskyh


It is known that long-term isolation in sealed compartment the first 10-14 days is called a period of "acute adaptation". It is manifested by an increase of number of opportunistic microflora species together with quantitative decrease of protective microflora species. This is fraught with the development of auto- and cross-infections. In this regard, it is necessary to develop countermeasures against maladjustment processes in these conditions. IBMP conducted research on possibility of using an autotrophic element of biological life support systems, including as an additive in diets. A comparative assessment of the microflora of 6 people, participants of a long-term isolation experiment, was carried out. As countermeasures pills based on spirulina were used. Two pills was taken by all participants times per day. For comparison, archival data from experiments in which subjects did not use any countermeasures were used. The results indicate the stabilization of the microbiocenosis of the intestines and upper respiratory tract when using the spirulina pills. The concentration of Enterococci was maintained at a high level, most of the participants did not have Proteus, Staphylococci or yests. However there were minor fluctuations in the content of protective groups in the intestinal microflora (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli), which determines the need to include probiotics as countemesures. Thus, studies have demonstrated the positive results of the use of spirulina as a countermesure. Therefore, it is expedient to consider the issue of equipping the sealed compartments planned for use for the implementation of deep space exploration programs with water-mixture bioreactors.


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Ilyin, V., Korshunov, D., Morozova, Y., Usanova, N., Komissarova, D., Korosteleva, A., & Levinskyh, M. (2023). Evaluation of Microalgae Prebiotic Activity in Long-term Humans Isolation in Confined Habitat. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 23(1), 152-156. https://doi.org/10.25728/assa.2023.23.01.1233