The Multidimensional Network Models Method of Developing Discrete Microfluidics

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Andrey V. Balabanov
Asim M. Kasimov


The performances of the microfluidic units may vary within a wide range depending on the design, even if the operational geometry remains the same. In order to obtain the most effective results of the designing, it is reasonable to use the formal procedures of systematizing possible variants of the design, analyzing these variants, and selecting the best design variant based on the preset criteria. In this context, the problem of creating the effective formal methods of designing the microfluidics is topical. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a decision of this problem. To solve the problem mentioned above, the authors devised a method of analyzing and synthesizing the designs based on the multidimensional network models (MNM-method). The MNM-method provides the possibility of generating and in-computable-form-analyzing qualitatively different variants of the design on the principle of the unity of the geometrical, structural-hierarchical, and functional characteristics, as well as the possibility of selecting the best design variant on the basis of the preset criteria by means of analyzing both the structure and features of the multidimensional networks.


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Balabanov, A., & Kasimov, A. (2022). The Multidimensional Network Models Method of Developing Discrete Microfluidics. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 21(4), 57-64.