Deep Learning Techniques for Detection of COVID-19 using Chest X-Rays

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Alampally Naveen
Boddu Manoj
Golla Akhila
Maunil Bipinkumar Nakarani
Jaini Rathna Sreekar
Pradyumn Beriwal
Nipun Gupta
Swathi Jamjala Narayanan


The COVID-19 pandemic situation keeps on ruining and affecting the wellbeing and prosperity of the worldwide population and due to this situation, the doctors around the world are working restlessly, as the coronavirus is increasing exponentially and the situation for testing has become quite a problematic and with restricted testing units, it’s impossible for every patient to be tested with available facilities. Effective screening of infected patients through chest X-ray images is a critical step in combating COVID-19. With the help of deep learning techniques, it is possible to train various radiology images and detect COVID-19. The dataset used in our research work is gathered from different sources and a specific new dataset is generated. The proposed methodology implemented is beneficial to the medical practitioner for the diagnosis of coronavirus infected patients where predictions can be done automated using deep learning. The deep learning algorithms that are used to predict the COVID with the help of chest X-ray images are evaluated for their prediction based on performance metrics such as accuracy, precision, Recall, and F1-score. In this work, the proposed model has used deep learning techniques for COVID-19 prediction and the results have shown superior performance in prediction of COVID-19.


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Naveen, A., Manoj, B., Akhila, G., Nakarani, M., Sreekar, J., Beriwal, P., Gupta, N., & Narayanan, S. (2021). Deep Learning Techniques for Detection of COVID-19 using Chest X-Rays. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 21(2), 42-57.