Evolutionary Game to Model Risk Appetite of Individual Investors

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Zohreh Lashgari
Madjid Eshaghi
Alireza Bahiraie
Abdul KM Azhar


‎We present a novel mathematical model of development and progression of investments based on evolutionary game theory‎. ‎Four different investment types in market‎: ‎bank account‎, ‎bond‎, ‎stocks‎, ‎and risky derivatives‎. ‎Despite the relative sincerity of the model‎, ‎it supplies a way to explore the interactions between the different investment types in the market‎. ‎We assume the market is a complete and four assets constitute the total capital market‎. ‎And assume that the three risk-averse individual‎, ‎risk‎- ‎neutral individual and risk-seeking individual enter the market and each individual buys at least two assets‎. ‎We examine the interaction of the two assets and find evolutionary stable strategy in interactions and weights‎. ‎We explore the heard effect on decision making and investment‎.


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Lashgari, Z., Eshaghi, M., Bahiraie, A., & Azhar, A. (2022). Evolutionary Game to Model Risk Appetite of Individual Investors. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 22(1), 35-50. https://doi.org/10.25728/assa.2022.22.1.1004