Numerical Investigation of Fluid-Structure, Thermal Coupling for a Heated Slab

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Oudrane Abdellatif
B. Aour
B. Zeghmati
Jalloul Balti


This work focuses on a numerical analysis of fluid-structure thermal coupling
in a heating slab. The latter consists of a rectangular cross-section duct located in the
concrete slab of a discredited habitat. We modeled the thermal transfers of fluid flow in the
pipe. In fact, the Navier-Stokes equations that govern this flow have been solved
numerically. These equations were by an implicit method of finite differences. The systems
of algebraic equations thus obtained were solved by the algorithms of Gauss and Thomas.
The equation of conduction in the concrete slab was solved using the same methodology as
that of flow. In this work, we based on an algorithm that interacts non stationary solid
medium with a fluid medium consisting of permanent a state by ensuring equal flows and
temperatures on the common interface between the two mediums at every moment. The
numerical simulation of heat transfers and the thermal behavior of the heating slab were
analyzed for various parameters influencing thermal diffusion. The results obtained show
that the numerical methodology adopted for the control of fluid-structure coupling is
acceptable in comparison with the literature.


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Abdellatif, O., Aour, B., Zeghmati, B., & Balti, J. (2023). Numerical Investigation of Fluid-Structure, Thermal Coupling for a Heated Slab. Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 23(1), 99-114.