Advances in Systems Science and Applications 2022-04-26T08:07:17+00:00 Natalya Pavlova Open Journal Systems <p><strong><em>Advances in Systems Science and Applications </em></strong><strong>(<em>ASSA</em>) </strong>is an international peer-reviewed open-source online academic journal. Its&nbsp;scope covers all major aspects of systems (and processes) analysis, modeling, simulation, and control, ranging from theoretical and methodological developments to a large variety of application areas. Survey articles and innovative results are also welcome.</p> <p>ASSA is aimed at the audience of scientists, engineers and researchers working in the framework of these problems. ASSA should be a platform on which researchers will be able to communicate and discuss both their specialized issues and interdisciplinary problems of systems analysis and its applications in science and industry, including data science, artificial intelligence, material science, manufacturing, transportation, power and energy, ecology, corporate management, public&nbsp;governance, finance, and many others.</p> Plasma Magnetic Control Systems in D-shaped Tokamaks and Imitation Digital Computer Platform in Real Time for Controlling Plasma Current and Shape 2022-04-20T11:36:41+00:00 Yuri V. Mitrishkin <p>The direction of developing plasma magnetic control systems in D-shaped tokamaks with its actuality and scientific novelty is presented. Shortly the poloidal systems of ITER and DEMO are characterized. The new imitation computer digital platform for modeling plasma magnetic control systems in real time for application in physical experiments is described. The preliminary results of testing the plasma magnetic control system for the Globus-M2 tokamak (Ioffe Institute, S-Petersburg, Russia) on the target computer of the platform are given. The digital twin of the imitation platform is characterized. The methodology of risk minimization is presented.</p> 2022-04-20T11:27:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Direct Torque Control-Fuzzy Type 2 for Direct Current Link Voltages Balancing of the Five-Level Cascade Converters Used in a Wind Energy Conversion System 2022-04-20T11:36:42+00:00 Abdelhafidh Moualdia Saleh Boulkhrachef Patrice Wira <p>The available power of a wind system depends mainly on the wind speed. In addition, the wind system will give a power output that varies according to the speed of its generator which is a double feed asynchronous machine in our case. In other words, there is an optimal operating point that makes the most of the power available. In this work an innovative technique of capturing maximum power based on type-2 fuzzy systems. The principle of this Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm is to look for an optimal operating relationship at maximum power and then track the maximum power based on this relationship. As part of the variable speed conversion of wind energy, this article proposes a simplified power electronics for injecting the energy produced in the network, the conversion chain includes a variable speed double feed asynchronous generator, two (back-to-back) converters five-level Neutral Point Clamped type operating in grid side rectifier and rotor-side inverter mode. The main objective of this article is to develop a new stabilization strategy of direct control compatible with voltage inverters at five levels, more particularly Neutral Point Clamped structure. This strategy allows flow and torque control of the double feed asynchronous machine and stabilizes the input capacitor voltages of the inverter. The response of the system obtained with this algorithm makes it possible to validate the soft solution proposed and show, during variation of the wind speed, a fast and precise adaptation of the speed of the double fed induction generator.</p> 2022-04-20T11:28:09+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Evolutionary Game to Model Risk Appetite of Individual Investors 2022-04-20T11:36:42+00:00 Zohreh Lashgari Madjid Eshaghi Alireza Bahiraie Abdul KM Azhar <p>‎We present a novel mathematical model of development and progression of investments based on evolutionary game theory‎. ‎Four different investment types in market‎: ‎bank account‎, ‎bond‎, ‎stocks‎, ‎and risky derivatives‎. ‎Despite the relative sincerity of the model‎, ‎it supplies a way to explore the interactions between the different investment types in the market‎. ‎We assume the market is a complete and four assets constitute the total capital market‎. ‎And assume that the three risk-averse individual‎, ‎risk‎- ‎neutral individual and risk-seeking individual enter the market and each individual buys at least two assets‎. ‎We examine the interaction of the two assets and find evolutionary stable strategy in interactions and weights‎. ‎We explore the heard effect on decision making and investment‎.</p> 2022-04-20T11:28:26+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Regional Industrial Policy Implementation 2022-04-20T11:36:43+00:00 Olga P. Smirnova Alena O. Ponomareva <p>The industrial development is of great importance for balanced economic growth. Emerging new trends such as circular transformation, digitalization, etc. predetermine the need to formulate new methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of industrial policy. Regional imbalances shift the research focus towards assessing the emerging gaps. To do so, we present a multi-criteria methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of the regional industrial policy. Using statistical and structural analysis and 2015–2019 data for 19 regions of Russia, the paper examines the comparative effectiveness of the ongoing industrial policy and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the industrial regions. Among the key development problems revealed in the study are low pay in the manufacturing industry; high depreciation of fixed assets of industrial enterprises; insufficient investment in technological innovation; falling labor productivity and profitability of the manufacturing industry; and insufficient level of environmental safety of industrial production. The research confirms the hypothesis that industrial policy’s effectiveness is influenced by legal regulations at regional level. The findings demonstrate that the top performers in the regional industrial policy implementation have introduced relevant regulations over 15 years ago. Hence, the earlier the institutional norms for supporting industrial regions are adopted, the more efficient the industrial development is going to be in the future. The proposed methodology involves a comprehensive assessment of the industry growth, which allows performing comparative analysis of the regions’ development dynamics.</p> 2022-04-20T11:28:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Model for Analysis of Gene Expression in the Cell Involving Protein Degradation 2022-04-20T11:36:43+00:00 Amit Sharma Neeru Adlakha <p>The gene expression is responsible for the initiation sustenance and termination of various processes taking place in a cell in order to maintain the structure and the function of the cell. In the present paper, a model is proposed to analyze the gene expression in terms of temporal variation of DNA, mRNA and protein concentration along with the stability of molecular processes taking place in the cell. The model incorporates the parameters like replication, transcription, reverse transcription, translation and degradation of the protein. The model is obtained in terms of a system of differential equations along with initial conditions based on the physical and physiological conditions of the problem. The analytical solution is obtained for the model. The results have been obtained for a dataset of E. coli TJK16 strain and E. coli B/r strain, and employed to study the relationships of the parameters involved with the concentration of DNA, mRNA and protein. The asymptotic stability analysis at the equilibrium point has been performed for the molecular processes in the cell. The information generated from the model can be useful for developing the protocols for healthcare.</p> 2022-04-20T11:28:54+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Two-Phase Extraction of Dye Eosine B Imperial Red Using Non Ionic Surfactant Triton X-100 Iso-octyl Phenoxy Polyethoxy Ethanol and Dehydol LT7 2022-04-20T11:36:43+00:00 Nacera Ghitri Hassiba Bouabdesselam Mostefa Kameche Zahera Talbi <p>The objective of this work is the extraction by coacervate of Eosin B. Its extraction has been achieved in aqueous solution by using the extractant triton X-100 (iso-octyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanol) and dehydol Lt7 which are easily and rapidly biodegradable. The experimental results of the extraction, as a function of the concentration of the surfactant and the temperature, are expressed by the following three quantities: percentage of dye extracted (E), residual concentration of dye in the phase dilute (Xs, w) and volume fraction of the coacervate (Φc) at equilibrium. The results obtained for each parameter are represented on three-dimensional diagrams by using the empirical smoothing method. The calculated values are consistent with the measurements. For OXoC15E7, the extraction yields achieved under optimal conditions with TX-100 surfactant are 99.18% and 98% successively. The results revealed that the reduction of the solute concentration in the dilute phase is about 48 and 88.5 times with Dehydol LT7 and TX-100, respectively. Besides, the addition of sodium sulfate is also investigated.</p> 2022-04-20T11:29:06+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Secure Image Cloud Storage Using Homomorphic Password Authentication with ECC Based Cryptosystem 2022-04-20T11:36:43+00:00 Devipriya Manivannan M. Brindha <p>Cloud based storage gives us ease of storing large data. Cloud is a storage that can store multimedia images and other data, but what happens to the data after the storage is invisible to the user. To protect the image in the cloud and transmission to the cloud, image encryption is used. Confidentiality is the way to protect from unauthorized access while transmitting and storing medical images, military images, online banking and telecommunication. Recently, chaos has become an emerging trend towards the encryption of images. New techniques are adopted in image encryption to increase the randomness and to decrease the correlation between the pixels. In the present work, an authentication based framework and image cryptosystem has been proposed for secure storage in the cloud. Authentication is provided using SHA hash algorithm and elgamal encryption. Image cryptosystem uses chaos based scrambling using bit-matrix generated from logistic chaotic map sequence. A novel key generation for chaos is done using Fourier transform for the image cryptosystem. Bit sequence and sorting based pixel permutation are performed using the chaotic sequence. Totalistic cellular automata technique has been applied using the corner neighborhood values to diffuse the image pixels. Pixels of the image is finally diffused using the random sequence formed using elliptic curve points/ coordinates to improve the security. This encryption technique is evaluated using statistical and differential analysis. ECC gives security using the discrete logarithm problem. From the analyses, it is shown that it possesses large keyspace, sensitivity towards a small change in pixel value and also key value. It also resists pattern attacks as well as differential attacks.</p> 2022-04-20T11:29:20+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Robust Reversible Watermarking Application for Fingerprint Image Security 2022-04-20T11:36:43+00:00 Rasha Thabit Bee Ee Khoo <p>Fingerprint biometric systems can automatically identify individuals based on their fingerprint characteristics. Different image watermarking schemes have been applied to fingerprint images for security and protection purposes. The previous schemes are either robust watermarking schemes or reversible watermarking schemes. In order to ensure the intactness of the minutiae, this work applies the robust reversible watermarking scheme for fingerprint images which can recover the original image after the watermark extraction process and provide robustness against different kinds of attacks. The proposed scheme embeds the identification number (ID) of the person in his fingerprint image to provide security while saving and exchanging the image. The scheme has two stages of security; in the first stage, the ID of the received image is extracted and compared with the saved ID in the database, if they are identical the system proceeds to the second stage in which the matching score between the received fingerprint and the saved fingerprint is calculated to authenticate the received image. The experimental results proved the efficiency of the proposed scheme in terms of visual quality, robustness, reversibility, and intactness of the fingerprint’s minutiae.</p> 2022-04-20T11:29:34+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Leakage Power Reduction in Read and Write Enhanced Macro Memory Circuit Design Using Transistor Stacking and Reversible Approach 2022-04-20T11:36:44+00:00 Mucherla Usha Rani Siva Sankar Reddy N. Rajendra Naik B. <p>Power dissipation is one of the on-demand problems of low power Very large-scale integration (VLSI) circuit design and it is related with threshold voltage. Generally, the subthreshold leakage current and the leakage power dissipation are increased while reducing the threshold voltage. The overall performance of the total power dissipation is completely depending on this leakage power dissipation. This leakage power causes the components that are functioned by battery for a long period washed-out rapidly. In this paper, a new read decoupled and write enhanced macro memory design is proposed using transistor stacking and reversible logic to reduce the leakage power. For the reduction of power consumption of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) that are placed in System on Chips (SoCs), the proposed model includes three features: a reversible cross coupled stacked inverter with Transmission gate is adopted in SRAM cell to reduce the leakage power, a reversible differential power generator is adopted to improve the write ability of the design with less power and a read burst mode is used to reduce the read energy while reading consecutive addresses. Furthermore, a reversible logic is applied in all the peripheral circuits, which gives additional level of confidence in terms of leakage power. The simulation results show that the leakage power of the proposed macro memory design is reduced to 2.22nW at 0.6V supply, which is 4.32nW less than that of the conventional macro design. Furthermore, the write and read power consumption of the proposed macro design is reduced by 57% and 66% as compared to conventional one at a supply voltage of 0.6 V.</p> 2022-04-20T11:29:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sensitivity and Optimal Control Analysis of Japanese Encephalitis Disease: A Mathematical Model 2022-04-20T11:36:44+00:00 Naba Kumar Goswami <p>Japanese encephalitis is caused by flavivirus, which can affect both humans and animals. A Japanese encephalitis disease model is proposed and analyzed to investigate the transmission dynamics of Japanese encephalitis with saturated incident rate and saturated treatment function. Assume that the infected pig populations are growing logistically in the environment. The basic reproduction number R0 of the model is obtained using the next-generation matrix method. The sensitivity analysis is performed to identify the key parameters that affect the basic reproduction number, which can be regulated to control the transmission dynamics of the disease. The model is extended to optimal control model incorporating three time-dependent inputs for the control of transmission route by using Pontryagin's maximum principle. This study is significant as Japanese encephalitis disease poses serious challenges for public health in past few years. Numerical simulation is performed to support our analytical findings.</p> 2022-04-20T11:29:59+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## On the Stability of Periodic Difference Inclusions 2022-04-20T11:36:44+00:00 Mikhail Morozov <p>The paper considers asymptotically stable periodic difference inclusions. The uniform character of the convergence of solutions to zero is established. For selector-linear difference inclusions the equivalence of the uniform asymptotic stability and the uniform exponential stability is proved, and a necessary and sufficient condition for the uniform asymptotic stability in the form of a certain limit relation is obtained. Examples of systems leading to periodic difference inclusions are given. These results can find applications in the stability analysis of control systems with periodic parameters, in particular, servomechanisms whose elements operate on alternating current, control systems with amplitude-frequency modulation, systems used to solve problems associated with the study of large electric power systems in the presence of forced oscillations.</p> 2022-04-20T11:30:12+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## On Order Covering Set-Valued Mappings and Their Applications to the Investigation of Implicit Differential Inclusions and Dynamic Models of Economic Processes 2022-04-26T08:07:17+00:00 Evgenii O. Burlakov Elena A. Panasenko Irina D. Serova Evgeny S. Zhukovskiy <p>The present work is devoted to investigation of operator inclusions in partially ordered spaces and application of the obtained results to differential inclusions. We consider the inclusion Υ(x,x)∋y with respect to the unknown x∈X,where Υ:X×X⇒Y is a set-valued mapping, X and Y are partially ordered spaces. It is assumed that the mapping Υ is order covering with respect to the first argument and antitone with respect to the second argument. We prove that for any x0 ∈ X, if the set G(x0) contains an element y0 such that y ≼ y0, then there exists a solution to the inclusion under consideration, which satisfies the inequality x ≼ x0. This statement is applied to investigation of a Cauchi problem for the differential inclusion f(t,x,ẋ,ẋ)∋0 with a bound for the derivative of the unknown function ẋ(t)∈B(t) (here f:[a,b]×Rn×Rn×Rn ⇒Rm,B:[a,b]⇒Rn). We obtain conditions of solvability in the space of absolutely continuous functions, conditions of existence of a solution with the least derivative, and derive the solutions estimates. The latter results are applied to the analysis of the dynamic Walrasian-Evans-Samuelson model of economic processes, which can be reduced to a system of implicit differential inclusions. We establish the existence of the equilibrium and obtain estimates of the equilibrium prices.</p> 2022-04-20T11:30:25+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##